1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead – Jay Leno’s Garage

Original and unrestored! All this Knucklehead needed was a little TLC, a little gas and two kicks – and she started right up for the first time since 1952!
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1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead – Jay Leno’s Garage

Jay Leno’s Garage


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39 Comments to “1936 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead – Jay Leno’s Garage”

  1. Beautiful piece of art. I just love Jay Leno's taste in motorcycles and cars

  2. Harley Davidson , nothing like them and still one of the best looking bikes .

  3. heathy912 says:

    i don't understand, when the Likes of Triumph, Harley etc are making 'Heritage' bikes, why they are styled close to what they actually looked like!! These are so much better looking, beautiful man.

  4. soaztim says:

    Perfect bike. Ride it and ride it. Never restore this one. Love it and I'm no Harley guy.

  5. I'd never thought that I like any other motorcycle than the '79 Honda CBX, but when seeing those videos about the Brought Superior SS100, HRD Vincent Series A Rapide, The 4-cylinder Henderson, or '36 Harley-Davidson Knucklehead, I mean, these bikes really have something special about them. Modern bike look all the same time, like cell phones or tablets. Maybe they are good, but they lack personality. Those classic bikes, they have so much character.

  6. Larry Walls says:

    I hope Mr. Leno reads this. I bought a 1943FL in 1969. Was in a barn and I wanted to make a Chopper. Many years later I contacted a Mr. Rosenbloom . He was the HD. historian at the time . Sent him the VIN and received a very nice letter back stating that there were only 33 made that year. Years later I lost the letter in a fire and now I can't find anything out about it. I really need some help to track it down..

  7. Mike B says:

    Great motorcycle, great episode.

    Love the respectful way you present vehicles.

  8. Thatmaninrio says:

    Yes Jay, the cruisers are now huge, because Americans have become so HUGE…

  9. you own one of those now and your still king of the bikers

  10. I've wanted a knuck forever! Could have bought one 12 years ago for $15000. Man I wish I would have!

  11. Nater389 says:

    Don't forget about the Archoil treatment. Fuel additive and the AR 5100 for the rust in the gas tank which basically saved the tank.

  12. respt46 says:

    I wish you made a half an hour video of this bike. This is my favorite episode.

  13. There is a shop here on Buchanan St Glasgow that has a harley in it's shop window WW2 era [ US Army as it has a fitted Rifle bag on the front ,,, unsure if they are prepared to sell it .. I'll take a pic / video of it .. on my next day off ..

  14. ELKFILMZ says:

    Please never paint that, like you said it looks awesome just the way it is.

  15. Gerry Austin says:

    Absolutely fantastic. I would love to find a bike like that

  16. Very cool bike 🇺🇸👍

  17. I lived in Long Beach, CA from '83 to '86 and rode bikes the whole time. I met a guy once who ran into Jay at the Rock Store and several of them went riding. They ended up somewhere near Burbank. Jay said something like, "Hey, you guys want to see my garage?" Granted, that was 30 years ago, but still, can you imagine walking into that place? Motorhead paradise.

  18. TopShotta says:

    6:24 I freaking love that thing!

  19. Baxrok2 says:

    My favorite model of Harley. Simple and good looking. I'd rather have this than that disgusting new Ducati!

  20. Z ZZ ZZZ says:

    That helmet dose not fit this perfect bike and you black leather jacket. : )

  21. yamahaxs6501 says:

    love it, but I don't know how people ride with windshields. Drives me nuts.

  22. Dan Bee says:

    Absolutely love these videos. Been a dedicated viewer for a couple of years. Can't help but notice the black marks down the middle of each lane at 5:54. Guess those old cars dropped a bit of oil in the day? Bikes seem to avoid them…

  23. Doug Ankrum says:

    ..1936..the first year for the Knucklehead…

  24. Nickel Reed says:

    I respect anything with 2 wheels, I love the diversity.

  25. John Storrs says:

    That's an 80 yr old machine. To put it in perspective, eighty years before this bike was manufactured was 1856 and that was before the Civil War, The thing is ancient and not just a whole lot different from current air cooled V twin Harleys The original engine design was good enough that it could be kept and just refined over the years yet perform as well as many more modern designs.l

  26. Night Rider says:

    Appreciate the nostalgia but it's an ugly bike lol

  27. tryarunm says:

    You know Jay, I used to think you were an over-rated big-mouth because you seemed to keep talking to yourself and under your breath. But I have come to realize that every sentence you so seemingly casually toss off is loaded with information. I respect you sir. You are a man of history, in all senses of the term, and as a lover of history myself, I find I have learnt a lot from this great show, which means from you. Thank you. I wish you all the very best.

  28. very cool keep the vids coming Jay

  29. Kenitzer Don says:

    Thanks Jay this was just to much fun to watch, I ride a Sporters just for the fact the sporters has kept some of it's 1957 history to me.

  30. What type of fuel do you use? I'm assuming it's not ethanol. Straight real gas or race fuel?

  31. Very nice. I like the history you provide and your passion comes across and makes the video worth watching over and over. Thanks,

  32. Aj B says:

    Love it Jay, You've got so many awesome cars and bikes but 0 awesome helmets lol.

  33. Jay ,you have to get a Custom Helmet ;)

  34. Jim G says:

    Thanks again Jay. I can't think of a motorcycle that even comes close to that one for cool. I'd sleep next to it when I wasn't riddin it.

  35. David Corbit says:

    Beautiful bike Jay. You have great taste, I think the knuckle is Harleys most beautiful bike with the Kmodel real close. Thank you for living the dream and sharing it !!

  36. Joe Guzman says:

    In the 1930s there's no traffic like today

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