6 Comments to “1927 BSA motorcycle ridden in Portola Valley, CA”

  1. cxbra says:

    Im just getting into vintage bikes and I have a question… What was that lever by your thumb on the right side? Was it throttle or some sort of timing advance?

  2. Great video, lovely machine. Looking forward to riding mine in the 2012 Cannonball

  3. BougeBlog says:

    Very cool. Did you have to do anything special to the bike to make it DOT approved, or can you ride them under the same terms that classic cars get? I'd like to get something like this but would hate to have it seized for some non-compliance thing…

  4. W15DY says:

    What a great bike.. threat it gently.. LOVE 😀

  5. seat850c says:

    @pastorstevem Excellent, good luck with it, it will be lots of fun!

  6. Miller steve says:

    love it im restoring a 31 cant wait to ride it

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