120 Harley Davidson Sportsters Riding in London Town

120 Harley Davidson Sportsters Riding in London Town.

So this is the largest regional meet we have achieved at Sportster Sickness UK. Our national meet in Nottingham drew a crowd of 144 Sportsters where this regional meet drew a crowd of 124 (amazing).

I had an absolute blast with the gang, and I feel very blessed to have a great group of riders I can call my friends.

Unfortunately I broke down which you see in the Vlog – basically I end up losing 1st gear, 2nd gear and neutral! This blog was a nightmare to create – after 8 hours of editing my Mac Hard Drive (external) blew up, just like my gear box and I lost all my data :(….. Anyway here it is.

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45 Comments to “120 Harley Davidson Sportsters Riding in London Town”

  1. bl0at3r says:

    Any news on a repair chap?

  2. Wicked ride! Apart from the gear box :(

  3. Clint Young says:

    Sorry about your bike. I hope things get sorted out. I have watched your vlogs for a while and have now subscribed. I have always wanted to visit The ACE Cafe. I would love to have my bike shipped over there and ride with you guys. Keep up the good vlogs and I hope your bike is repaired quickly.

  4. MOTOHAX says:

    This makes me miss my sporty a bit.

  5. Book another test ride on another Harley ? I assume your local one knows you and what you do I.e. Vlogs and sportster madness. See if you can borrow a demo bike until yours is sorted?? Tell them it's a big mention for it on your channel.. Free promotion for them and not a day without a Harley for you?

    Some cool bikes there..I liked the one that looked like it had a copper colour tank on it..

    Good post dude keep it up. I assume your bike is a warranty job also?

  6. Jim Germata says:

    Tomorrow has a beautiful bike! Yours as well looks & sounds great!

  7. Luke Kendall says:

    i caught a glimpse of my helmet, where do i send the invoice for my fee

  8. Glad you managed to finally upload the video … Sort of. Now I'm just annoyed that I missed both this meet and the national :(

  9. Jim Germata says:

    Hope you got your bike fixed! Seeing all those Sportys has me wanting another one. I have always loved Sportster

  10. crotchrocket says:

    Where are you getting your helmet sprayed? I need some flake spraying done!

  11. Vee Vendetta says:

    Love the bikes love the exhaust sounds and seeing you all on the road. Great videos love them all

  12. Facebook group suggestion: Can you give us a code word or something to tell the FB admins of the sportster sickness group. I want to join but my FB page is not all motorcycles, so I am not accepted.
    Ride safe,

  13. Mojo says:

    120 girls bikes all together

  14. Riding a Sporty to the ACE Cafe… totally cool.

    Sorry about the break down, but it still beats riding a cager ;-)

  15. Good video as always chap, and good to see a few Dyna's infiltrating 😎…..hope your bike gets sorted!

  16. kev maxwell says:

    just picked up your vlog, I pick up my first Harley after twenty odd years on Jap and euro bikes, it's gonna be interesting to say the least, Sunday afternoon I will have a 2016 roadster in the garage, obviously yours will be covered by warranty, but I will be very interested to hear what the issue was with your terminal breakdown, hope you get your ride back soon, best wishes kev

  17. again a gr8 vlog hope your bikes ok mate ,too much throttle w—–g and clutching il bet ,cant wait for next vlog

  18. 3573paulicus says:

    Hi fella love your chanel very cool stuff I have just one request though. When you change to the still shots could you please change the music. It's a ear worm that just will not quit.

  19. zertus says:

    over think your art of engage the clutch … i think it grits to long when you start

  20. Ozzy says:

    Lol! I recognise my old mate Reubz! – I've subscribed to keep an eye on him!

  21. par says:

    Sorry man but I am not surprised that your clutch is broken . Have followed you now for a while and suffer every time I hear you beat up the clutch . Think about it and look at how you start and always spinning at high revs whit throttle on and off. Love your vlogs so take it in the right way when I say it, just a tip.

  22. Elite says:

    why are you revving it so much?

  23. Any updates on your bike repairs?

  24. kev maxwell says:

    hey fella , just an update, picked up the roadster yesterday , now with just over 100 miles , here's my thoughts so far , for me with like you with static nerve leg the ride position is pretty good tho I may stick on a set of highways , mirrors underslung , all I can see are my knees , but it does look so much better this way , seat is great , very supportive hump , for me being 5'8 the bike fits just fine , taller riders complain of cramped bar /seat , , sound wise I wear plugs , but on order is a pair of krome werks , vh rail , and ecu remap at first service , speaking of this £250 for the first one , ouch ! . now here is my worry , it's the only one really and I know it's gonna be just a niggle , tank range ….I think if I'm correct my gas tank is slightly bigger than yours, 12 ltrs , the light came on yesterday at 86 miles , with I guess a couple ltrs in reserve I'm looking at around 100 miles , could be a problem in Europe in Aug , looking at a small strap fuel pack to stick in a kreiga bag for emergency petrol station worry's lol , but all in all , it's a good ride , plenty of attention , the pipe air mod is a deffo , stock is just wrong , sounds restrictive and just not loud enough , , any more news on your ride , hope you get sorted sooner than later ,

  25. Good afternoon mate how are ya? just needed some suggestion I had talks with the dealer of Harley Davidson what I came to know is the Iron 883 and 48 dont have ABS, so what you say go for it or not? Iron 883 is costing me around INR 8,26,398 when converted into pounds is 8895 pounds , Iron 48 is INR 1002000 when converted into pounds is 10785 pounds both dont have ABS, so whats your suggestion to go for it ?

  26. whats the verdict on your bike mate ,was it clutch or gearbox?

  27. Ahamed Baig says:

    hey mate.im frm india. luv to see all these beautiful bikes riding together. u had some issues with ur bike . well was it sorted out. how major was the problem? im thinkin of owning a sporster.would u suggest that? btw luv ur channel man.awsome stuff.

  28. Scott Dawson says:

    great vid I wish I had a sporty club where I am all the guys around here are bagger lovers and personally if I'm going on a long trip a bagger would be nice but I love my sporty its a 1996 I've owned and loved for 20 years and the only thing I've ever had to do is brakes lol and tires and oil never left me stranded . I'm in Niagara falls Canada and we have tons of roads all along the lake you guys would love it. peace brother and keep safe .

  29. You need to get your friend Tamara (sp) on video more. while your bike is in the shop maybe give her your camera???? Not enough female vloggers out there.

  30. IS IT says:

    LOVE IT!! good to see a Harley Davidson rider vloging!!!! awesome 48 also!!! just wondering where your accent is from???

  31. hi mate is the 48 fixed yet and what caused the problem in the first place ?

  32. Guys apologies for the delay in my vlogs. Things have been crazy with the bike and finally I've got some good news which I will share tomorrow 10th July. ( I'm vlogging and uploading it that day). Thanks for hanging in as a subscriber really appreciate it – I am fully committed to my channel and it means so much to me. See you guys tomorrow – Motonewbrider

  33. Just in from Denver, Colorado for a holiday and visited Warr's H-D…….I thought I might see you there….

  34. hola amigo los felicito por sus video mi nombre es cesar soy de sudamerica – lima peru y tube un problema con mi sportster 883 del 2009 se me rajaron mis tubos telescopicas de las barras y ando buscando unas de segunda para repararla los felicito amigoss mucha suerte sigan asi

  35. beersmurff says:

    Nice vid and great bikes, but hope you know the guy who rides the cafe sportster at 5:21, because you never touch another mans bike without consent :-)

  36. hi mate can't find the group page only your personal page is that the right one? many thanks

  37. Deltanova93 says:

    Hi, i wanna make my Motorbike license next year, when i'm 24. And i'm planing on getting a Sportster Forty-Eight.
    Are there some tips, to be safe on the roads? I liked the tip when you said you do rev's when lane splitting.

  38. Thank the lord I live in remote Yorkshire I don't know how you put up with all the traffic . ;-)

  39. Tash says:

    HOLY SIT! That gold 48 looked fucking nice. I dig..

  40. i;m thinking sportster owners should start their own subculture. like mods

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